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Why Mangangá?

The “Mangangá” is a bumblebee native to Patagonia Argentina that is in danger of extinction. Due to the invasion of 2 (two) exotic species of bumblebees that were imported to Chile for the pollination of various crops.

We are passionate about protecting biodiversity. The environment, its surroundings, the community and the risks generated by the development of new projects with unwanted environmental impact.

The United Nations (UN) remind that biodiversity is the basis of life and essential services provided by ecosystems
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The Sustainable Development of the population is fundamental, in its economy such as agriculture, forestry, fishing, industry or tourism, among others.

Bumblebee “Mangangá”

A group of researchers from the National University of Comahue investigates the decline of the only native species of bumblebee, known as “Mangangá” -considered in danger of extinction-, due to the introduction of European bumblebees in Chile.

Marcelo Aizen, CONICET researcher, explained that:

“As of 1997, Chile authorized the importation of exotic bumblebees for the pollination of different crops. More than 200,000 colonies and queens were imported in 2015 alone. Unfortunately, bumblebees are mobile and do not respect international boundaries.”
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